Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New mercies.

Well I am back, it has been a spell, I know.
It has been 7 or 8 months.

After the passing of my father I just did not want to feel compelled to write, share, explore. I never began this to "get, or keep followers" 
( although~  I love the feedback...and the women I have connected with have been great.) 
I began blogging to wake up a part of me that I had let go dormant. To be brave and "create" out from under a bushel.
I needed to dare to dream again, out loud~ and so I
began with that in mind.

Now, in a new season I want to blog to share observations, adventures, happenings on the creative front as well as revelations of deeper sentiments.
I will probably not write lengthy posts but simple sweet updates, and whatever the days bring or my heart has to share.

I am on the verge of a very big new adventure, a fulfillment of a long time vision, an "above and beyond more than I could think to ask"  adventure... and I just know it is for me to share. 
I was told a long time ago that my story is not my own...I know I LOVE reading others stories, and learn so much it would only make sense that having the diligence and courage to share may inspire or comfort or encourage someone else. 

This is a "new beginning" post. I will be sharing in the days to come the "winding up" for my next project and try to document it in a sweet simple way as it comes to fruition.

Thank you for hanging with me...

I am excited to share my dreams with you.


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