Friday, September 24, 2010

Baa Baa Black Sheep.


Do you ever feel like The Black Sheep?

The one that just doesn't quite fit? ~ Or perhaps is "misunderstood"...which can sometimes be worse than being overlooked. Or Forgotten.

I believe that one of the darkest realities that we all face is that when we are left alone with our thoughts, we can begin to feel inadequate, or isolated.

If you don't feel that... just wait you will.

I know women who are so talented and kind~ and they find themselves in situation that makes them off balance with others, or feel grieved and think..."what just happened?" ~ " I am a nice person..."

This is nothing new under the sun. There is a continual assault against our purpose of living free from worry , doubt and anxiety... there is a strategy against our freedom to LOVE. To be generous of heart and spirit.

I am lavished with friends. Old friends new friends, deep friends...that I cry with and share all, funny friends, light hearted friends~ who prefer to stay in the shallow end, which is fine, sometimes a relief actually.
I have talented, deep, quality friends... both new and from my life in Omaha. I am surrounded by's a little unnerving really....

On several recent occasions I have been left a little awed by the impact of a simply GENUINE gesture.

Not too long ago I was pining and feeling a little disconnected and lonely and My beautiful friend Laurie, who I had just met, invited to a party of long time friends ... I was the only new person, She made feel so welcome, and so embraced ... and she provided an opportunity to meet her great friends, I was so touched at her free inclusion to a rather intimate gathering, it blessed me so. It also opened up very meaningful friendships. Thank you Laurie.

Another recent occasion I was exhausted and worn from moving my shop and expanding.
Mentally, physically, creatively exhausted, Just at the tipping point my friend Jeanne called FROM HER FAMILY VACAY to check in and see how it was going!!! I was so moved and her sweet inquiry re-energized me and filled me with gratitude, that was not all... as soon as she arrived in town she had her hubby drop her off ~ WITH A STARBUCKS FOR ME~ and helped me until late at night...who does that? friend.

My friend Amanda.. who I posted about in the post titled "Mrs. Purvis"... regularly encourages me, shares her talents with me and her authentic , gentle nature is always a comfort.

And this week when I was flat on my back... with a severe spinal compression, my friends from as far back as 15 years ago, started calling and praying offering practical tips, and kind words... when you are in pain physical or emotional~ a kind gesture is like oxygen...everything is so immediate, and a sweet word goes deep to your core. Thank you Debbi ... love you.

I will confess I sometimes entertain "vain imaginations" ~ I feel like I've been left out, or targeted or someway misunderstood ... and all that does is get me to focus on myself, and feel pathetic.

Then some sweet friend with a simple act comes along and inspires me to love freely and focus on someone else's dark moment...and get my mind off myself...This I believe is the richest gift a girlfriend can offer.

Thank you so much for your examples of generosity and tenderness... you each teach me to love.

Friendship is unnecessary like philosophy, has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. ~C.S. Lewis

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Season...New treasures.

Ok... I am taking a small break from Magpie.. and all that's happening there to bring you the NEWEST member at our Barn. (

these images are of the very talented and very kind new merchant Linda's shop.

Linda has previously owns her own retail store in the suburb or Denver known as Greenwood Village. ~
Her New shop at The Barn is named "Home Details."

Her eye is warm and rich... the quality and texture of her wares are enticing.

I love her interesting and playful eye... I am in trouble ... I will be shopping while I am working.

Linda's palette is autumnal and deep. Her upholstered furniture is playful and very transitional... appealing to many different aesthetics.

I am really excited to have the talented Linda to come raise the bar at the already amazing Barn.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Iris' new home!

Well like all things, it takes longer than it takes. However the start is great! I snapped a few highlights to share... I miss my coffee and blogging time each day but it will be worth it!

Doesn't Iris look happy watching over everything?


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