Monday, June 21, 2010


"The Grand essentials are- Something to do~ Someone to love~ Something to hope for..."
~Allen Chalmers beautiful daughter - who is such an easy kid - really... just very non drama- ( most of the time) came to me in tears... "Mom- I am sorry- I have to tell you something- I feel REALLY bad..."
"What is it?"
" I know how much you love it and I feel just sick bout it- but I dropped your camera and it is broke... really broke."
Yes~ I am very sad- I can not replace my camera right away - I love it- and I use it ALL the time -but her humble heart and willingness to be direct and honest were so evident I felt NO anger and really just compassion for her. She likes to do the right thing and this was one of those times where it was an accident... and no right or wrong is at play... just that dastardly gravity.
Yes~ the same one that is pulling at my skin and other bits.

The real clincher for me is that this and a few similar happenings underscore a larger picture that I am walking through. You see- I am waiting for news...
there is a deadline and a ticking clock- I wont/ can't get in to the details but it is the finish line of a drawn out season that has yielded some great emotional and spiritual fruit - but has also wreaked havoc on some very practical and precious parts of life.

This news will determine the direction of my business, the rest of the summer and likely the year for us... so it is significant news.

It will most definitely determine whether or not I am able to replace my camera, or other impending needs and strong desires on my short but sacred list.

What I am trying to do is make the most of the waiting- to really exercise the belief that happiness is our circumstances... But Joy is an attribute that we -if we choose- we can be freely endowed with. This is truly a discipline... because that good ol' human trait of "wanting and wishing for" is in every fiber of our being.

Patience and trust on the other hand are divine traits that we must practice to walk in... they do not come by default.

So like the great quote I found above- I have plenty to do...the few things I have whittled my life down to~ need some TLC.

I am RICH in having ones to love... that is something that no circumstance can dictate -OUR capacity to love like crazy.

I have much to hope for- it is what sparks my heart when I begin to grow weary...

In the meantime ( I now officially understand that phrase) I welcome any prayers and wishes, they are the most powerful force of all.

I will be practicing contentment and assurance. I will definitely be putting my energy toward loving the family and friends I have been lavished with.

Happy Monday.

Phil 4:11~I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy Open Air Market...Somebody has to do it!

I am a blessed woman- no doubt about it. I live in the quaintest, prettiest town I could imagine.
( Castle Rock, Co.) Weather is Mild-ish... downtown is vibrant and active- lots of conveniences...

Which is why when some local merchants set out to create an exciting NEW open air market - The Towne and Country Market at Third and Perry...I jumped right in!

I called My Uber-talented rockstar friend Jeanne ( and asked her if she would like to join me as one entity for the day.. and as always she said heck no!

Just kidding... she jumped in too... she loves our little town too and was all about it.

So we got to work - Me- junkin and painting and refinishing and her gluing and collaging and sewing and all the brilliance that is Jeanne Oliver ... and we rocked it.

We had 2 fantastic spaces...( thank you Amy - Whitewash - ( )
Lots of local vendors support ( thank you Dream Pastries- for the HOT coffee! )
We were in the Courtyard of Siena ( Great- fantastic restaurant.)
The hot little gals from Bling Boutique even came out and braved the elements.

We had other great talent surrounding us... Lisa Morris of Wild Rose Cottage - Nancy Masters- Great local interior Designer - she owns Sunflower Design... Roxanne from The Rusted Gate .
We had the sweet company of "old William" and Margrit Mackey- of Elsa's Heirlooms... also in The Barn ( she has the finest European linens and the biggest heart. )

Alas ~there are always the trials of open air markets... like the fact that some responsible drinkers left there car in the middle of the parking lot the night before...ooopsies. ( talk about the walk of shame in the a.m.)

All the challenges of being a first time event ... not to mention THE DRIVING RAIN from 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. Yes- in drought stricken, arid Colorado we had non-stop rain all morning.

Jeanne had on flips flops and fingerless gloves. Nice.
I was just a wet- wet woman. Notice no pics of us? Although J looked great even frazzled.

( then my sweet servant hearted husband ran all over town retrieving a change of clothes for me and VERY HOT Frye boots and socks for Miss Oliver.) Not to mention numerous trips to the store and bank and home for U-name-it. Gosh I LOVE HIM.

Isn't this Awesome? cute little linen dress... (available online at

I have to say~ I am in love with this bench I created... I also LOVE the grey needle work one- its rare to see it in this color... so pretty. both available at my shop ...

Magpie~in the Barn.
400 Third Street
Castle Rock Co.

Not to mention the awesome princess bed I found. ( thank you Claire ~ ComingHome )

Yes- fun was had by all... not really. It was hard and wet and the turn out of a new event... which in spite of the rain BRAVE ~BRAVE Castle Rockers... ( Kelly~xo ) came out and showed their undying love for all things vintage.

We discussed it at length and were very proud to help pioneer a new, very promising event in our own backyard...Like Lewis and Clark. ( My hubby said Jerry Lewis and Clark Griswald- whatev.)

We will give it ago again next month and pray for kinder weather... in the meantime I just will relish the support of family-my amazing friendship- the talent I am among - the great community I get to enjoy and the customers who love and appreciate handmade and found/rescued treasures.

What a blessed woman I am!

THANK YOU CURT for all your patience and schlepping for me I love you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

flea market

Tomorrow- rain or shine...Towne and Country - Market

3rd and Perry- Siena Courtyard. Come on Down.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer evenings.

I am certain there is nothing in the world like fresh lilacs. I actually went on a recon mission to a nearby location and swiped this by the cover of night. Shameless I know. Thanks Mr. MM for helping me steal these... very romantic and dangerous too...shhhh.
So worth it!

Best if shared with a dear friend or lover. Yummy.

Take it in ... A friend of mine said yesterday that if she could "bottle summer evenings she would." I loved that!

Have a fabulous night.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Party Far Far Away- kind of.

A party on a bluff... in a beautiful Hacienda~Faraway...( that's the street name.)

Sweet nephew Cal with a flower delivery.

No one like Dad.

Sisters by Birth and by friendship.

Dear sweet friends.

Just soooo pretty.

Make A wish -Friend...

It Is good to be Queen.

View from Faraway Place.

A cameo by My "Mr.MM" on the right.

Strategic placement... hmmmm.

Since that fateful day in 3rd grade... on the school bus.

The Billups clan

AHHHH mom...

Lisa's Dear friend Jody... ( so pretty...)
As I promised there would be pics... of Lisa's 40th Birthday...
What a really sweet celebration, I love you friend... thanks for sharing your day with me!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life is a bowl of Cherries

Yes- its true life can be a bowl of delicious cherries... if you are intentional about it!
A weekend with family friends and good food... is my bowl of cherries.

Tonight's menu...

Now I LOVE spring rolls... I have also never made them... so this is a first for all of us!

preparation is the key to all great cooking. I chopped basil, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots and celery...

Then I dipped the rice wrap in room temp water... in the meantime I boiled the maifun.( cellophane noodles.)

Thawed and rinsed shrimp and set aside.

I placed all the ingredients in TWO rice wraps... ( easier to handle than one.)

(Why- yes that is my Wedgewood Dinner plat in cream/queenshape that i scored for nickles on a recent hunt.)

Another great find!

I found this fantastic kaffir Lime Chili sauce at our local "SPROUTS" store... it is perfection!
Then to wash it all down A fresh squeezed greyhound. Summer fresh. ( I also like to salt the rim... when I have bar keepers salt!)

A perfectly light summer meal and top it all off with a bowl of cherries!
Bon Appetit!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blast from the past- to infinity and beyond.

<1984- 7th grade.

Nice mullets huh?

So hot. This is my best girlfriend - and I- from THIRD grade.


Today is her 40th birthday. ( Yes Lisa, I just did.) I am invited to her birthday party. I remember the first one I went to of hers...It was a pizza party at "The Organ Grinder."

( 1979 or 1980?... then we had a slumber party - there were other birthdays of hers I choose to forget... probably like the 7th grade one that went with the hot mullets featured above!)

In any event we are having a party at her moms house just like the good ol' days...
her mom's is a beautiful hacienda on a bluff... with a charming address... Seriously a street named "Faraway Place."

I will take pics and write about our summer garden party ... Happy Birthday Lisa... I love you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A.D.D. creative block.

This picture of my Sophie sums up my situation. I am stuck. Yup- rare but true... I can't Focus my creative lens on anyone-thing. I have a million concepts good intentions, supplies... and I am bewildered.

My idea board is empty. Not for lack of ideas but a lack of even being bold enough to post them because then there they will be nagging me...

Like this basket of shakers... I have a great idea for them. But I am not going to say it yet.

Look at my tower of supplies... full but not being used...I think we have a jumper!

I will return to the chaos after this brief lilac break....

( insert elevator muzak here.)

Here appears to be some order... signs of neglect really... I am working on one project that is AWESOME... a chair... that I want to marry.
Yes it is blocking all my other creative flow. like a new love would.

What the heck?

Just had to add this... I find these on my camera daily! Totally awesome.


Here is my current love ... that my husband and I pulled 1000,00 nail heads out of each. ( I have two of them!)

Look at my paint treatment... it was honey blond oak a la 1989.

The former upholstery... southwest pink and teal- yummy! You can scroll back up and see the raw silk I am replacing it with - DIVINE.
You see I feel like I am SUPPOSED to be creating dozens of things and I am preoccupied with the chair.
I would love some suggestions for breaking creative block...
Alas I am thankful for the fact that my job is creating - this is my credo.... NO WHINING.

Have A great Creative day!


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