Monday, January 31, 2011

Open handed life. ( part one.)

Hello... is it February? What?I have missed you.

I realize I have not been the most faithful at posting, I truly love it A LOT ...but honestly I can't sit down and and "plop" something out for the sake of a new post. Then there is laundry, my marriage, volleyball and my business...the usual suspects.

Truth be told, I would prefer to be off at a great retreat, honing my photography, creating anything... another road junkin trip. However, I am a wife and mother who runs a business and sometimes blogs...

When I started blogging... it was not to "build" a following, "wow" the creative community, share all my wardrobe choices, or enter in to the sorority of blogging which ~ which all are great~by the way ~each a really interesting dynamic...for another time...

No. I started because, I was flat lining creatively, I was ( really still am) in the middle of a major life upheaval and my temptation was to wall off and play it safe. Keep it "close to the vest" and observe.
Then there was a still small voice that reminded not put your light under a basket. Safety is not the goal... your life is not your own.
Which brings me to this... "The open handed life."

I just heard a beautiful message on this. In light of my own fathers cancer progression...these words are very powerful to me. I don't want a closed fist demanding why? I want to have an outstretched hand that gives and receives a loving, powerful life.
There are five fingers on the open hand.
1. Authenticity.2. Generosity.3. Humility.4. Sincerity.5. Hospitality.

Authenticity. The first attribute... a very important one to me. Again, why I don't regularly post because I just can' that being said, I have no intention of informing my fellow bloggers on how to be authentic or what that looks like. I believe your journey is your own and I will applaud you along your path. Thanks for spending time with me on mine! I am humbled and thankful that anyone has taken a moment to have a look.
I will continue to find my own way around an authentic, beautiful life.
And although it is counter intuitive for me, I will continue to share it ( generosity).
I will continue to say whats on my heart ~ the good , the bad and the trivial ( sincerity).
I will continue to hone my writing or photography knowing there is always room for improvement
( humility) ... if I waited till I was great at it I would never start...
and I will continue to invite you to stop by and share the journey...
( hospitality.)

I want to underscore the gratitude that I feel for the encouragement, kind words, new friendships... It makes the risk totally worth it!

p.s. I believe a beautiful example of a transparent, authentic blog is Humble Pie.
Lissa has shared her pain and triumph, her delight in the little things and her lesson in a way that is not glossy or disingenuous. Her loveliness is evolving and self evident. When you have some time read through her archives and be blessed by her vulnerability.

I was so moved by her willingness to put it all out there, and to keep evolving, I love this approach and am inspired to do the same. Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply Adore...

Synonyms: love, cherish, worship

transitive verb
: to worship or honor as a deity or as divine
: to regard with loving admiration and devotion
: to be very fond of

Sometimes words are watered down.~ Sometimes we throw them around like a nerf football...
Really they are containers of POWER.

Do you Adore a pair of shoes? or a candle from Anthro? Really?

I am totally guilty of designating a lot of excitement to things that really don't merit it... I am a is par for the course. This year I am trying to simplify and get down to what matters most!

Two things rise up in my heart when I sit still ~ simple and adore.

Actually it is more like this..."Simply Adore Me."

My created purpose at the end of the day is to to love and worship God, enjoy Him and His creation.

I increasingly see that adoring what and who He has entrusted me with is His preferred form of being worshipped... 2011 will be dedicated to Simply Adoring...

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things. ( I Chronicles 29:11)

I adore my daughter... especially her laugh!

I adore my husband.. best friend.

I adore my little companion... love with fur on it!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boil it down.

Just some gratuitous photos of Magpie.
But more than that~ what is emerging in my retail shop is reflective of my personal life. It is pared down, basics, elemental, raw.
No superfluous fluff. No embellishments... just the inherent beauty of form and function, patina from time, no manipulations...
My words for the New Year are "SIMPLY ADORE."
More on Adore later...I'm starting with Simple.
Enjoy, XO.


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