Thursday, April 29, 2010

There are two paths...

( image found-flickr)edited here.

Some days are just like that - we go around and around again
It looks promising and beautiful but really there is no progress.

Then there is the way with struggle and potential danger, it is not clear where it leads-

It requires skill and courage-

Image public domain~edited here.

I have to remind my self daily that the safe-sparkly one is not always the right one.

Happy trails.

"There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it's easy."
-Source Unknown

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Decisions decisions...

Welcome... to my boudoir. It is fresh and cozy - I love the ticking dust ruffle...

~Ticking is my thang. I use it as my signature in my shop...I always have key pieces about...its so graphic and simple and "fresh country..."~

I have silk, Velvet, Linen, wool, aubbousson, cowhide, Vintage lace, Belgian linen, and RL ticking bedskirt... it is layered and beautiful and luxurious... I love it! But, I am a woman and we can from time to time be known for our...fickleness.

Soooo... I am thinking of freshening for Spring...


See what I mean?

Pics found.

I know it is so basic and so non but it looks soooooo good.
I will save my nickles and pennies and maybe just maybe I will have a near future post called
"Yippppeeeeeeeeee Spring bedding!"


Sweet Dreams.

Monday, April 26, 2010


There are two kinds of people...those who say to God "thy will be done"...

And those to whom He says "Ok- have it your way...." ~CS Lewis.

I challenge you and me to ask for His will to be expressed through you and to you... and to let go of our limited outcomes... What is it you are praying about?

I have to keep remembering that He has my "best" in clearer view than I do... and He can be trusted.

Here's to our tears in a bottle and our hearts being heard~ and trusting that All really is Well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

( found)
I woke up today to a ton of snow!!!!

What? It is April 23rd. I guess if I get to wear shorts in January I have to expect to wear Uggs in April. Colorado.

Another Question- Do blonde's really have more fun?

(pic found)

My friend Ruth

and I have been pondering... What is it that we like about sparkly sexy blond hair or demure shiny dark hair...

I'm curious- weigh in!

( found)

Can the Nuggets beat Utah Tonight...

A little more weightier question or point to ponder...

Now -My new friend Angela from

will probably appreciate this... it is a tad juicier...

I was commenting on my liking Denver Bronco's picking Tim Tebow in the draft... ( I know... email me your thoughts) and a friend- who I love- commented on her displeasure with him... we chatted a bit more and she said... something about him keeping his opinions to himself... Fair enough.

I respect her thoughts about this... but I was so struck by the fact that most of my friends who share this sentiment are also the ones who share their opinion on EVERYTHING via face book-twitter- I phone- Blackberry whatever.

So... more than the obvious polarization that religious beliefs and the free sharing of them brings ( nothing new under the sun...)

I am still curious how most in our society value and accept spending a great deal of time broadcasting their opinions on traffic, their work life, many times on political happenings other more sacred views... and have no "tolerance" for a young man expressing his views vigorously in a dignified manner.

I realize for some there is a line...and I respect that, but to me...As our society ushers in minute to minute- real time- free flowing transparency of thoughts and experiences I see little or no difference sharing all with all if it matters to you.

I am not poking fun at anyone who shares via those networks... I love them. I am just struck at the difference in perspective.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks Donatella!

This is a reply to being invited to the "Post your 6th ever photo" game. I just love that You thought of me dear sister!

I called this post "comfort"... it was really snowy and cold out and my heart was heavy and this just soothed my soul.

My dear friend Margrit- from Germany- imports these fabulous antique shams... the quality is insane... she has lots of them!

Elsa's Heirloom's

So now I am supposed to invite 10 friends to do the same huh?

1.Amanda from Purvis Tribe
2. Jeanne from Bushel and a Peck
3. Ruth from Beautiful Life
4. Destiny from the Ruffled Nest
5. Anne Marie from Na Da Farm Life
6. Joy from Savvy City Farmer
7. Lissa from Humble Pie
8. Shellagh from Ticking and Toile
9. Jetta from Rediscovering Jetta
10. Elisa form the Sweet Life

Ok Girls... find your 6th ever photo you posted and post - then invite...

Have a great Spring Day!

( pic found)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring refreshing... sigh.

I love Spring. I love the light, the air the smell... I love cleaning everything in sight and creating order!

Just sweet, light, clean spaces.

New Slip covers ( Chairs are brown Velvet damask.) Nice and fresh.

I love this!

As promised... Spring haircut pics. I cant look straight at the camera with my husband behind it... I either look cross or cross eyed. Go figure.

Not quite super sexy- but I might look cuter eating a burger... ( see yesterdays post.) who cares any way all is fresher and lighter.

Happy Spring.

Also~ Never Forget. Today is the anniversary of Columbine. Praising God for His Hand on so many and praying for the families who lost. Thanking God for my baby brother and your protection of him.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes you have to say whatever.

This is a totally hot mom on tv... great hair huh? ( Modern Family)
I have all these inspirations for long flowing dark locks... I actually have long dark locks... flowing only when I have extra time .
Mine are more... snarled. Painted. Under a hat... nappy locks.

Do remember the commercial of her eating the burger? Ridiculously hot. When I eat a burger it is not pretty. Neither is my hair. ( Padma Lakshmi)

Never even mind.

Yeah... a little lighter color but big sexy hair...( Eva Mendes)

( Leryn Franco.)

She seemed realistic an athlete with windblown... straight hair... much more approachable...

Except she had the body of an Olympian (she is one) and any hair would work on her...

Alas ~ My hair is long and flowing and black and pretty this morning.

But because of reality-

I work really hard in all types of conditions... and I do not have a wind machine, a trainer, a stylist or bff named Ken Paves.

I am going to cut my three years of "growing my hair out" off.

In an hour. Gulp.

I will post pics of new haircut- If I am not crying...

Have a great Day!

All pics found.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe you noticed I have been absent?

I took an unplanned trip to Omaha to visit my dad. Last Tuesday I called him and he sounded low and tired... I could hear loneliness in his voice.

I hate loneliness. I believe we are created for relationship and I just could not quit thinking about hopping in my truck and heading for Omaha... then with the help of some understanding friends ( thank you Margrit and Alice ( some help from some other family I was on my way.

This was not well planned or a pleasure trip but it was a deep and important one. Sophie and Crosby and I head out on the highway!
Omaha was well into spring bloom and almost balmy...

The perfect backdrop for a bittersweet trip.

-If you have not read - my dad has been living with a stage 4 diagnosis for 9.5 years.
He only recently began really struggling with issues from the cancer... and very recently been in a lot of pain. -

The possibility of not seeing him again was a real one on my mind every minute of our short little visit.

He is such a tender soul and so generous with others that the majority of our visit was spent visiting other people he feels committed too...

His little boy from the middle school named Cesar- he has mentored him for several years now, His Mother my grandmother who is in a nursing home and a niece who was celebrating a birthday.

My temptation last Tuesday was to look at money, time, volleyball schedules, my shop ( aye aye aye) and decide it was not practical to leave again.

I am so thankful to my husband who just flatly said - you need to go- now. Since He really is more practical than me I leaned in to that and am so glad I did.

The quick get away to M's Pub ( a posh little restaurant in downtown Omaha- where I met my hubby) with Sophie was a highlight. I had the worlds best cappuccino and she had New York style cheesecake and a Shirley temple.

A delicious steak dinner at Piccolo Pete's ( Warren Buffets fave haunt) a true 1950's Steakhouse from Omaha's heyday of Italian Steakhouses... also the employer of most of my cousins- ( my first job too!)

and a sweet Sunday Dinner with family- friends- dogs and babies.

Oh yes -I did get to junk a little on the way home... I will post pics of that later.

The real thing that I was sooo awake to- was you never know when the most important things or more importantly ones will be absent so make time where there is none.

Have a Happy Spring day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bling Crosby

I will never forget his little 5 pound self, with his kennel collar still on-
born: April 1 2004
Weight 5 pounds 2 oz.
He was so little and so sweet it was ridiculous...
He still is, only 12 pounds... and a don juan to be sure.

He has burroughed his way into our families collective heart and we are in LOVE with our funny little bearded dog.

We love you Crosby, Happy Birthday!


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