Monday, August 8, 2011


Wait 20 seconds for music to start!

Thanks for hangin in there... the last two posts were emailed around to a load of family who are not blog savvy and I left them for all to share ...These are things that matter~ not keeping up with wonderbloggers! Hopefully can I find a good stride now!

Moving on.

It is here. Yes... the Final exam of Parenthood, High School~ has arrived.

I looked for Zach Ephron and company doing a choreographed welcome dance... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

I did not see Miley and Taylor strumming a guitar either... as a matter of fact it was really anti-climactic.

A week of errand running, haircuts, backpacks, grooming of all sorts... and then in a tear filled blink of an eye it was a 5 minute drive and a few 14 year old girl shrieks accentuated by nerves
and then "o.k. mom...drop me off here...I will text you after school." Although I swear she muttered something about wanting to be homeschooled... she then dropped it as soon as a~ boy.~I MEAN GUY... walked by...

Thank God for BFF's. Seriously...blessed in the buddy category.

I remember their graduation from elementary school, the midnight showings of Twilight, cd releases at Wal-mart... Eyeliner...then more eyeliner ... It seems to FLY by...

I know that the next four years will buzz by too... I'm praying to stay present and grateful...

They are treasures and will be difference makers. Here's to a new season!

G.O. S.O.P.H.I.E. And J.A.Y.M.I.E...GOOOOO Girrllls!


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