Friday, January 22, 2010

ode to a quiet night home...alone. Selah.

(Jeanne D'Arc Living is available at Coming Home~ at The Barn in Castle Rock

Shopkeeper~ Friend~ Claire Roberts.)

Tonight is one of the rare ones with no one home...all night. How I fantasize about these nights...most of the time. They are probably overrated there is nothing like having the people you love in the next room. Even if they are flippin channels and playing wii...they are there.
A good soulful evening with Norah Jones and favorite mags is necessary to make it clear how irreplaceable your family is.
Sweet dreams friends, and hug your family.


  1. Thanks for missing me and Sophia, you're heart for us makes our life much more full. Your photography and insights are amazing. I learn from each post more about life and you.

    Thanks for sharing and being my wife!I love you and appreciate the special gifts God uniquely gave to just you.


  2. you seem to be speaking a foreign language.....when you say.......the house to yourself........I'm not sure what this means, this word "alone"




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