Monday, January 11, 2010

Renewal...Change of season

The Winds of change are beginning to whisper.
They are swirling and humming ever so softly.

January has always been a bittersweet time.

I begin to purge and evaluate... there is demarcation between what was and what is to is time to refresh and regroup. Put what lies behind in that precious bin of sentiments or just plain forget it.
I tend to be hopelessly optimistic. No matter what happens I Find something to look forward to, some person to delight in, some project to start or loose end to tie up. Admittedly this has been more of a stretch recently, but that is about to change as well.

I am sensing deep in my Spirit that a burgeoning season of simple delights is at hand.

I recall- in November reading my friend Jeannes beautiful post Big Dreams. ( I was undone. I have been sleepwalking .

I don't know exactly when it happened, but I know for sure that I needed to wake up so I could dream again.

Since that day I have been praying for the courage and strength to dream. Real dreams, ones I can share and ones I can execute. Dreams I can pass on to my daughter, and share with my husband.

In His infinite kindness the message at my church yesterday was..."God will give you a dream!"

I almost fell out of my seat. Not that this is a particularly shocking or unusual message but that it is so top of mind for me -this minute -and I was so surprised by the palpable gift I was being given, I could feel the paradigm of murk shift to one of renewal. ( Thanks Brawna!) Just like that. No goosebumps or bolts of lightening, certainly no phone calls saying all your troubles are solved. Just a solid shift. A release of significant proportion. I look forward to sharing and rejoicing as these new and wonderful changes unfold.

I watched as my sweet puppy eagerly looked out this morning with enthusiasm and curiosity...I want to start everyday with that same attitude. Don't you?

Happy Day.
Exodus 17:9 "Tomorrow I will stand at the top of the mountain..."


  1. its -no "a". Sorry.

  2. Hi Girl,
    I'll be stopping by The Barn Friday morning.
    Loving your blog!

  3. Very well written, love you look on life come to my house and rub some of that off on me please. Love you lots!!! talk to you soon



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