Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The "thinking chair..."

I will never forget my daughters first day of kindergarten. I was so sad that it was an all day program. I was ready to release her a little more gradually than that.
None the less, I accepted it and walked in the shiny new classroom, looked at the tiny chairs and tiny tables...and my heart warmed. A world just right for her. Custom created for her and her buddies. New posters and crayons, a window that let all kinds of light in.
One of the posters read "the Thinking Chair." Below it was one singular little chair seperated away from all the others, a little distance from the desk and other tables.

Below was a laminated poster that read ( paraphrasing )
Are my actions respectful?

Are they safe?

Are my words helpful or hurtful?

How does the other person feel when I ...say/do ( fill in blank)?

What can I do better?

This was the designated space for somebody who was probably acting with out thinking. What a geat idea. Giving the child the discipline and place to stop and think! Brilliant.

I was so relieved to know she would be with a teacher who would give her such a fine example, and the opportunity to excercise wisdom.

I- to this day see people and think, they could use the "thinking chair" right about now!
I am commited to stop and think on a regular basis and act with more purpose and intention.

Proverbs 29:20
"There is more hope for a fool than one who acts/speaks with out thinking"

Happy day. Think on!


  1. Beautiful chair...more importantly....great idea!

  2. Thanks gal. I am doing a whole new series of these chairs and appreciate the vote of confidence!I'm drooling over your photography-well done!

  3. THose CHAirs are fantastic send me one in a really small box!!! lol no really there great wish I lived near you to craft and create together.



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