Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dreaming of spring...

Early morn- Paris Street Market- 2009

"Paris" -2009

I can hear the people and the sighs of wonder as I look at these pics...

I woke this morning with a yearning for spring.

I feel optimistic and excited for what this season will hold. It has been a winter of struggle. I've mentioned before... both literally and figuratively for many.
This morning I am dreaming of open air markets, early morning junkin'- or selling- I'm undecided if I will push myself this year to do the street market. Any thoughts?

I am leaning toward yes- but I we will see. Last year it was a monthly ritual, with great reward. (Namely the amazing women I met and worked with.)

The arriving before dawn, setting up the steam rolling off the coffee as I merchandised my outdoor Magpie.
Then there is the late afternoon satisfaction- euphoria both from exhaustion- and heat...not to mention a great big success each and every time.

I worked with some great talent -women who I will highlight in coming posts- creative- passionate and soooo truly gifted. We would resonate off each other in a way that created a real buzz...very rewarding.

Alas- there is the merit of just shopping at them. No pressure - no worries just pure enjoyment...

I did hear the rumblings about a new market VERY close to the real Magpie... hmmm... now this is a distinct possibility. I will definitely unpack that more as details unfold themselves.

What are you looking forward to?

Happy Day.

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  1. Are you doing Paris this year? I got my packet in the mail last week....I think I'll only do one of's so exhausting!



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