Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Divine order


Today is the beginning of a new month, new possibilities and I am yearning for order.

My "baby" will officially be a teen this month. My shop will be closing in on one year... and my dreams are starting to bust through the soil, like tulips or hyacinth - shots of green in the dormant season.

I have been feverishly hunting- painting searching for fresh inspiration... I have also been nesting more than I have for several years. Volleyball is starting and various summer street markets are opening up registration... what will this new season hold?

I have bonded with new friends, refreshed contact with old treasured ones...

All of these tangents cry out for order. From my perch I can fly off and come back to refresh and regroup. I can be free to create and connect. These are my two favorite activities...
-I am off to organize Magpie... and freshen it up I will post pics of my new treasures shortly.

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  1. order is good....refreshing is good...regrouping is good. go, Mel!



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