Friday, August 27, 2010

Help a brother out!

Ok ... I need to explain,
I have spoke before about my brothers, recently this one.
He's a great dad, and great pilot, and all around good dude.

What a lot of people don't know is that the economy is whoopin our servicemens behinds too.

(A little backdrop...
I rent a home from a local Airman who bought it when the market was "hot" and now he needs to be nimble, it is a win win for us. )

There are hundreds of servicemen in the same situation ...namely my little brother.
He is now in Altus, OK with his family but several years ago in CHARLESTON SC when the real estate market was hot, hot,hot he "invested" in a town home where he was stationed, a ton of people did this it was a no brainer.

Alas... the bubble burst and it did not care if you faithfully sacrifice ALL for your country.

SO this is what brings me to this shameless post and request for help...
How you ask?
Two ways.
1. If you know any families in your area looking to rent ... encourage them to check military bulletin boards for rentals by service people ...they do so much for us and deserve first consideration... wouldn't you agree? Simple. Takes a few extra minutes... what a practical way to show support.
2. Below is a link to my brothers townhome in Charlseton... they have not had a renter for a few months and have refinished all the flooring and pay a fabulous management company to maintain it... but it does no good empty.
SO~ if you think you may have walked by someone from near there once please paste this link any where you can... even your forehead.
It is a simple, kind, practical way to give back~ to those who give all.

Charleston SC.

Even if your not from there post it about - get creative... and Thanks so much I know all you bloggy gals are tender and understand.



  1. Great post. If we would all be more intentional about helping each other out during these times...

  2. talk about action sister! Thank you!

  3. if that was my home town, I'd love a place like this ... it looks sparkly clean ...

    you and your family are being lifted up my "new" friend ...

    any nibbles?



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