Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello Blog friends. I have missed you!

It's no surprise to you all how busy juggling a family, a business, meaningful relationships, and a blog not to mention trying to create, can be.

I was surprised to realize it is THAT time again! It is the beginning of Christmas in retail land.

One of the clearest reminders to me every year is the talk of the Junior League Holiday Boutique.

It's a good one! The kick off night is " The Frosting Event."

There are martinis~ finger food~ a " swag bag" and to really get you frosted a diamond drawing...
What more could a girl want in a give away?

I did not participate as a vendor this year but two of my fellow "Barnies" did.
They are extremely gifted, creative and successful women.
I shot some fun shots of their version of frosty Christmas. I wanted to share and sort of
"prime the Christmas pump" ( as if you needed it...)

This is Beth Moore. WOW. is one word that describes her. She is a force... very good business woman, her laugh can be heard through the Barn, and if she is not a pink sparkly girly girl...NO ONE is...she is a joyful spirit who effects the atmosphere... this picture is a slight indication of her bright heart.

Chic Junque.

Chic Junque.

Beth's sister Pam: who is also a great girl... hand made these adorable clutches... they are lined and beautifully made... These will be HOT.

And Then there is Amy Smith.

Amy is one of the most talented handmade ~re-purposing people I know. She sees something beautiful in everything she looks at. Her handmade, mosaics, furniture, paper goods, are endless. She has a cult like following... and she LOVES what she does.

Her style is a little more muted than Beth's off the chain vibrant color, but their collective good taste and passion for girly goodness compliments each other beautifully.

Amy is also known the proprietress of all things white. Hence her shop name: Whitewash.

These hand glittered ornaments are a Christmas staple in her shop... real German glass glitter is what sets these apart.

And~ while my Christmas music wreath was a source of great pride for me last year~
( NO... I saw one online and am not claiming to have thought it up!)
I have to give her props for her beautifully aged and perfectly executed "Literary" wreath... her workmanship is beautiful.

Get ready girls... the frosting has begun!

Joyeaux Noel!


  1. I love the term 'frosting.' All is beautiful.

  2. Frosting reminds me of the movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" : ) I'm headed out there this afternoon to check it all out! Did you buy anything?

  3. Oh how I wish I could visit in person! Everything looks so magical!

    Fun to be thinking of Christmas already!! :)


  4. I was thinking what Destiny said (about frosting being in that movie How to Lose a Guy in... ;-) I love the treasures you featured, such talented & creative girls, including you! I am still in my fall mode and haven't been thinking much of holiday decor for our shop....but I guess I need to, eh?? Glad you're back, missed ya! Have a great weekend!

  5. I feel like I know them ALL
    thru you ...
    there's nothing more fun than the first display of Christmas in retail land!

  6. I would love to go! It looks like something I would really enjoy!



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