Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Forty Things...

Like I said.. I was going to let my light shine...ain't she sparkly?

Seriously... I thought about sharing forty things. No particular order of importance, no theme just forty tidbits, quotes, likes, dislikes, fun facts, things I am grateful for that are randomly rolling round in my head and deserving a landing spot.

1. I love being Sophie's Mom. Bar none~ favorite thing about my life.
2. I can/ do curse like a sailor. Sorry sailors.
3.I never thought I would move back to Colorado (after 18 years) and I thank God EVERYDAY that we did.
4. I hate running. ALOT.
5. I am a weirdo dog person. I love him and baby him. It's borderline crazy.
6. C.S. Lewis is my favorite philosopher, writer, public figure of the modern age.
7.Not a huge fan of sweets...really.
8. I have NO tattoos.
9. I laugh the hardest with my husband: he has a ridiculously dry ( sometimes cheesy) sense of humor.
10. I am sarcastic. Sometimes it's useful for cutting tension, lightening up people at work other times it's wicked...I hope~think I've learned to channel it as I've aged.

11. I have anxiety attacks in the wind. I. HATE. WIND.
12. I am still very flexible and can rock yoga ~ when I do it.
13. I am becoming aware of some regrets ~ learning to accept them is painful but necessary.
14. I LOVE Learning new things... I am insatiable.

15. Omaha is an AWESOME city. Highly underestimated.
16. I am thankful for all lady friends, Omaha girls I am rich rich rich in you. Colorado girls... My cup is now running over...blog friends and yes I consider you heart friends... Who knew you could grow so fond so far away?
17. I love Piccolos Steak House in Omaha. YUM.
18. The one outgrowth of my walk with the Lord is an unnatural/ supernatural love for people around me... trust me it is not me...I'm like Karen on Will and Grace, but through HIS lens I see the eternal person it is profoundly humbling.
19. The freedom we have to worship, disagree, be complacent if we choose...SHOW OUR HAIR AND FACE...ladies... is the number one most cherished possession in my life.
20. If I got a tattoo it would be the address of my fave verse I never don't get chills.
ISAIAH 61:1~ The Spirit of the Living God is upon me... he has sent me to heal the sick, feed the poor BIND UP THE BROKEN HEARTED AND SET THE PRISONERS FREE!" I get really excited about healing broken hearts and telling people they are free.

21. In 19 74 my dad and I traveled across the western United States~ to Northern California~ in a van named "CLOUD." Indeed we did. ( No he is not Cheech or Chong, but close.) My dad is a great teacher.
22. The older I am the more I realize why we were young and idealistic, and now we must be measured and thoughtful. Interesting change in perspective, subtle too.

23. Until last week I had 35 pairs of shoes. I wear the same 3 or 4 90% of the time.
24. I am certain that I have some form of OCD. It keeps me from permanently losing myself in some creative tornado.
25. "A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell." CS LEWIS ~ fave quote ever.

26.Confession... It hurts when people "come on strong" and go lukewarm with no explanation. Really bugs me.
27. My stepdaughter~ Kristen~ is one of my favorite people I have ever spent time with. She makes me laugh without trying. ALOT.
28. Realization...When you love people it's not a question of if but when they will break your heart, But you gotta do it.
29. I am the worlds proudest aunt. My nephews and niece are AWESOME.

30. I had big Bon Jovi Blond hair in the eighties... aqua net, Marlboro lights..It is a miracle I did not blow myself up.
31. SUSHI~ I could eat tuna rolls everyday of my life.
32. My first real date with my hubby was "Phantom of the Opera" in NEW YORK.
33.My all time favorite memory of my step daughter Faith is ..." Sorry to tell you this BUT I am allergic to Olives." You had to be there.
34. I want to grow old with a sense of humor like my 95 year old Grandma "GG".
She is funny stuff ~still.
35. It is easy for me to love people from a safe distance, boundaries are a good, good thing.
36. I literally can tell you what it is like to lose EVERYTHING. I mean it~ all material possession gone. YOU are most definitely NOT what you have. You can survive.
37.I am eternally grateful to my mom and Denny. I love you both to a million pieces.
38. As I age it is easier for me to forgive and move on more than ever before...I think it's a matter of not taking myself too seriously. Been there~ done that.
39. I lost four people in the last year. Life is fragile.
40. I am so very thankful for it all.


  1. This is a wonderful and inspiriing post. Thanks for sharing a bit of 'you' with 'us.'

  2. This is a wonderful and inspiring post. Thanks for sharing a bit of 'you' with 'us.'

  3. Great post Mel...like I said your just beginning to live....40 is awesome in so many ways. OK, except for the fact that you wake up one day and realize some body parts are hanging a little lower than normal. It really does happen, take my word for it.

    Have a great year!

  4. I love this. I really, really love this. And I LOVE your favorite verse. AND I think you should DO IT -- get the tat! :)

    Happy thanksgiving, far away friend. :)


  5. Where are you, girl? I loved this post and I keep checking back for a new one! I haven't seen you at the barn, either. I purchased some of your crafts, love them! I put them on my blog :) Hope to see or hear from you soon!



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