Monday, January 31, 2011

Open handed life. ( part one.)

Hello... is it February? What?I have missed you.

I realize I have not been the most faithful at posting, I truly love it A LOT ...but honestly I can't sit down and and "plop" something out for the sake of a new post. Then there is laundry, my marriage, volleyball and my business...the usual suspects.

Truth be told, I would prefer to be off at a great retreat, honing my photography, creating anything... another road junkin trip. However, I am a wife and mother who runs a business and sometimes blogs...

When I started blogging... it was not to "build" a following, "wow" the creative community, share all my wardrobe choices, or enter in to the sorority of blogging which ~ which all are great~by the way ~each a really interesting dynamic...for another time...

No. I started because, I was flat lining creatively, I was ( really still am) in the middle of a major life upheaval and my temptation was to wall off and play it safe. Keep it "close to the vest" and observe.
Then there was a still small voice that reminded not put your light under a basket. Safety is not the goal... your life is not your own.
Which brings me to this... "The open handed life."

I just heard a beautiful message on this. In light of my own fathers cancer progression...these words are very powerful to me. I don't want a closed fist demanding why? I want to have an outstretched hand that gives and receives a loving, powerful life.
There are five fingers on the open hand.
1. Authenticity.2. Generosity.3. Humility.4. Sincerity.5. Hospitality.

Authenticity. The first attribute... a very important one to me. Again, why I don't regularly post because I just can' that being said, I have no intention of informing my fellow bloggers on how to be authentic or what that looks like. I believe your journey is your own and I will applaud you along your path. Thanks for spending time with me on mine! I am humbled and thankful that anyone has taken a moment to have a look.
I will continue to find my own way around an authentic, beautiful life.
And although it is counter intuitive for me, I will continue to share it ( generosity).
I will continue to say whats on my heart ~ the good , the bad and the trivial ( sincerity).
I will continue to hone my writing or photography knowing there is always room for improvement
( humility) ... if I waited till I was great at it I would never start...
and I will continue to invite you to stop by and share the journey...
( hospitality.)

I want to underscore the gratitude that I feel for the encouragement, kind words, new friendships... It makes the risk totally worth it!

p.s. I believe a beautiful example of a transparent, authentic blog is Humble Pie.
Lissa has shared her pain and triumph, her delight in the little things and her lesson in a way that is not glossy or disingenuous. Her loveliness is evolving and self evident. When you have some time read through her archives and be blessed by her vulnerability.

I was so moved by her willingness to put it all out there, and to keep evolving, I love this approach and am inspired to do the same. Enjoy!

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  1. well I just love this post. Your photos are beautiful and peaceful. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I really appreciate it! I want to live an open handed life too!



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