Monday, August 8, 2011


Wait 20 seconds for music to start!

Thanks for hangin in there... the last two posts were emailed around to a load of family who are not blog savvy and I left them for all to share ...These are things that matter~ not keeping up with wonderbloggers! Hopefully can I find a good stride now!

Moving on.

It is here. Yes... the Final exam of Parenthood, High School~ has arrived.

I looked for Zach Ephron and company doing a choreographed welcome dance... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

I did not see Miley and Taylor strumming a guitar either... as a matter of fact it was really anti-climactic.

A week of errand running, haircuts, backpacks, grooming of all sorts... and then in a tear filled blink of an eye it was a 5 minute drive and a few 14 year old girl shrieks accentuated by nerves
and then "o.k. mom...drop me off here...I will text you after school." Although I swear she muttered something about wanting to be homeschooled... she then dropped it as soon as a~ boy.~I MEAN GUY... walked by...

Thank God for BFF's. Seriously...blessed in the buddy category.

I remember their graduation from elementary school, the midnight showings of Twilight, cd releases at Wal-mart... Eyeliner...then more eyeliner ... It seems to FLY by...

I know that the next four years will buzz by too... I'm praying to stay present and grateful...

They are treasures and will be difference makers. Here's to a new season!

G.O. S.O.P.H.I.E. And J.A.Y.M.I.E...GOOOOO Girrllls!


  1. Wow I can't believe my lil sis is in High School. I remember the first day of her kindergarten and balling when we sent her off think she is growing up so fast. Looking at these pics now with my face full of tears, I can't believe she IS all grown up. I missed alot, and Sophie I wish I could have been there today to see you off on another milestone in your life. I love you!!! You have grown up to such a beautiful and sweet girl.

    Your big sister

  2. My daughter was a CVHS Varsity cheerleader for 4 years, graduated last May 2010 and will be a sophomore in college in a couple of weeks. Boy - I miss that part of her life!!! Thanks for sharing :)



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