Saturday, January 2, 2010

Broken Jesus and a little trust.


"Mel, that was in your shop...better go check."
As I ran upstairs to check the noise in my shop at The Barn I was greeted by the cutest couple...who asked if I worked there, " I do," ...
they sweetly wanted to let me know that her fashionably gigantic purse had accidentally knocked our chalk ware Lord and Savior from his precarious perch.
@#%$/I was cringing... another shop owner/friend had just been chastising me because he was priced too low.
"We want to pay for that..."
hmmm. I am in business to make money not win nice contests. He was valuable.
Then I gazed at His sacred heart and pierced palms and quickly I replied " no, no."
"I had him in a vulnerable spot, it happens. Besides He paid for all our mistakes so this ones on Him..."

I left them upstairs to retrieve a broom and when I returned they were still there discussing the purchase of a really dapper little ottoman and chair combo that I had just delivered the day before.
Then they proceeded to pick up multiple other accoutrement and wares all from my shop!
Shortly after that I sold 3 more major pieces of sweet.
I was so blessed that in trusting the outcome in such a silly way that I was able to receive a wink from heaven...

Moral of the story: Place your chalkware Jesus' up high! ( wink.)

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  1. What a wonderful & heartwarming story! Thanks for sharing that!



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