Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Favorite little girl pic of Sophie!

Christmas 2005 - Interested in American Girl Dolls.

November 2009- Her interests are clear...

-Always Daddy's girl.

This morning on the way to school! No brooding teenager here- just a delight!
Okay... Where in the world did thirteen years go? poof!
I was just marveling at her dads huge hand enveloping her body as he slept holding on to her...
Helping her look for "Dora" the worlds ugliest red bear with fuchsia hearts ( that glow in the dark...) the one and only toy that had to go everywhere with us... but of course.
Gold fish and tippy cups. Bugs life. Veggie tales. " Blokely..Cekery..gotta be Beggie tales"
Some of my favorite words...the color greem, incept( for except) and glubs to keep your hands warm.
All the polly pockets and Angelina ballerina's and the sacred American Girl Dolls .
Samantha, Bitty Baby, and Marisol. I wonder where we stored those?
A frog umbrella with 3-d eyes...a scooter that hung on till the bitter end...
Baton recitals, father daughter dances, the hay rack ride for brownies... ending with an emergency room visit- never mind that.
This morning it was... eyeliner ( pick your battles moms...)... straightener...and to my giddy delight a hair flower that I made... still girly -still "dressing up..."
I know from raising my stepdaughter... time will float along faster and faster...( my stepdaughter is a mom now!) yet I still am stunned that my baby is officially a teenager.
What I am not stunned about is that she is an awesome, smart, thoughtful, hilarious, creative, talented young lady... who humbles me day after day. She is a wise soul and profoundly perceptive. I am so grateful for the divine trust God gave me with her... and more grateful for the grace I get in stewarding her.

Thank You God... For my daughter- Sophia.


  1. I love both of you and your step daughter, which is my daughter, Kristen.

    You each humble me...forgive me when I'm insensitive or fail by my shortcomings to live in the fullness, joy and priviledge God granted me in the day-to-day: caring, life sharing role as provider and protector for each of you.

    How precious and short life is, I encourage everyone to treasure each moment. Even the ones where you feel crazy and empty; to quote Dorothy, "there is no place like home." (Even if you have a cat)

    Happy, Happy Birthday Sophia, Thank you God!

    Love Dad

  2. Awww...tell her I said Happy B/day! I didn't realize that her b/day was the week before Bailey's. Bailey will be 3 next Friday!

  3. Love the top picture! So true, I try and treasure each moment and yet he is almost four! Ahhhh!

  4. Oh precious, glorious, beautiful one. This post brought tears to my eyes and resonate deep within. As I drove my daughter (9) to school this morning, she mentioned that fact that in 2012, she'd be 12. Where does the time go? I too have seen a stepdaughter grow. She became a mom for the second time this week. The treasure in having children many years apart is that we learn to pick our battles and love harder. I'm a follower of yours now. You've captured me with this post. ((hugs))



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