Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three things... three times.

Ok... this will be short but sweet...

I am hearing in my heart a message on identity. I will unpack it over a series of posts and unfold it as it is unfolded to me... sweet and slow.

To begin with I want to segue from small thinking to generosity of spirit.

Part of our identity is defined by what kind of giver we are. Are we conservative with verbal gifts or do we seize opportunities to encourage and thank?...Whichever you are is ok... its just good to know about yourself and be intentional about learning to give verbal gifts... or some call them "silver boxes."

I am asking you to tell three people three things that you love/like appreciate /admire about them- say- over the next week.
You can pour it on or gently lay it out there... whatever you are comfortable with...
It is more blessed to give than recieve so I trust this will be fun!

Then when you have done that ... tell yourself something you admire, about you and give thanks for that attribute... no matter how minor it seems, just appreciate it.
Give thanks for that quality because it is a free gift. Whenever possible share that quality with others, that's what it is for. To be given away... I will unpack this more in the coming days!
Now go forth and compliment!


  1. Today I told a friend...a new friend...that she makes me laugh.
    She told me the same.
    given and received the same gift. silver boxes.
    i'll come back for more "sweet and slow."

  2. I told my hubby thanks for all he does
    (leaving out the usual... "but...")



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