Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

I think I have mentioned before... I NEVER met a chair I did not like.

Somebody please stop don't.
When you love something go with it...which is what I did.
And went and went. My sweet Sophie.. helped the with unscrewing, painting and moving... she is a natural upcycler- who knew?

I love these little perch's all different personalities and attitudes... all beautiful.

I must make mention of the obscenely fabulous yardage on the larger black chairs...lip smacking delicious. I have a bench I'm working on now... A piano bench with that same yardage... ( insert angel chorus here)

Part two...Next is a little project I've been diverted with instead of blogging...

It's actually in large part my job.

One of the purposes of my shop -MAGPIE- is to be a touch point for design/redesign consultation... my first love. I meet people on the hunt and offer my services - voila. Everybody is happy!
I can work myself up into a lather discussing possibilities with clients... I love making space make sense..using what you have, find and love... rethinking the obvious...I can't imagine doing anything else!
The home below is a project I have been mainly consulting on... the homeowner- is so talented in her own right that she inspires me... together it gets better and better.

Look on her island- a table top removed from base CLEVER!

LOVE the bird cage. LA CAGE!

Every where is the harmony of fresh, light, worn and useful.Really livable.

Sweet little pug bed in built in niche... great use for that!

The lunch box is one of my favorite touches..It came from "Coming Home" one of my fellow retailers in the Barn... it's so cool!

Perfectly worn cup board...drool.

It's the details that make the difference.

I can not accept any credit for this darling RE PURPOSE. A bench made form a vanity...The homeowner did this... ( I said she had "it"...thought of this all by herself.) So stinking cute.

Notice how large the Aspen trees are right out side the window... they are beauties.

The sweet little lamp with the more rustic lines of the table... refreshing.

Long view of the great room... this home is nearly 20 years old, it looks so fresh and cozy and livable (3 grown men -dad -2 college age, one teenage guy and two ladies... have to keep it practical)

This is such a special project... I share a friendship with this homeowner, a passion for finding and rescuing treasures, I am certain this will be an evolving design project- we like each others company and ideas too much to stop!

Don't you love her fresh eye... usually when I consult with someone they are the type who know what they like but do not know how to translate it! This is just the opposite... she is just so open to more ideas it's what makes her really good at this herself... as a matter fact this project has inspired me to pay a little more attention to my humble abode... more on that to come.

The use of a lot of white -while still remaining warm, and rustic. I think we have struck a great balance if I do say so myself.

What do you all think... I love feedback!

Most of the live plants, some furnishing...a lot of the accessories are form The Barn in Castle Rock. ( imagine that!)


  1. mel! are you coming to the sale? from colorado??

    with jeanne?

  2. It's all so pretty and fresh.

  3. Anne Marie- I wish! I am going to coffee tonight with Jeanne- It has taken us six months to arrange this...oopsies. I would love to be able to and I feel my life is turning a corner where I will be more flexible and able to come to these most special events more frequently- btw- the "linen" post was dreamy...I am in love with your mad skills!

  4. Her home is so lovely....and that gorgeous as you said!!!!

  5. very pretty home!! love all those chairs!!have a great weekend!!



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