Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring junkin trip...

That's just what I did when I got home with my truck full of fun and my daughter and my dog no worse for the wear.

Yes there were snow storms all the way to Altus OK... ( once every five years, and this was the year...) and there was a little bout with a flu bug for mom, daughter , dog and self... yes even the dog, but these we mere blips on an otherwise amazingly full and fun trip.

Now for your viewing pleasure I will leave comments to a minimum...

Breaking news... This just in... The LULU purse
has just been featured on Etsy and Haute Handbags... It sold out at once, be sure you check my sweet friend Jeanne's shop frequently to see if it is back in... it is AMAZING.

drool- swoon- sigh.
Now back to our scheduled eye candy...

Thank you for looking, Enjoy your spring nesting.
Come visit at
I would like to thank my new friend Angie Mitchell at Whispering Pines Antiques in Amarillo TX- Her hospitality and kindness made for a great shopping experience, her shop is darling and she is a gracious hostess.
2727 W. 6th Ave
Amarillo TX 79106

Happy Day friends.



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