Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road trip

3 days. Then we're off.

It has been a long time since I had a road trip, actually 3 years ago, when we packed up our "Dream" home into a POD and sold or gave away everything left that did not fit... literally took out a loan to walk away from our house and drove over night...with 2 cats, one dog one scared 5th grader and our broken hearts

We have not been in a season of leisurely trips or toss- your- care travels.

We have been in the eye of the storm, the details are all very interesting but not for today.

Sometimes our struggle becomes so familiar that we forget how to let go.

Today is about the giddy anticipation of a new season.

Today is the countdown of a realization of a longing I've had for all 3 of these years. A road trip with my daughter. I love my husband very much, but I wanted a trip with just her.
I have not cared where or what for I just wanted to spend some kairos time with her not just chronos. The difference being : I don't want to just log minutes with her I want to avail my self to where time loses it's linear perception and just is.
Not only will we be visiting VERY special people to us upon our destination -( it's a surprise, so more on that later.) but we will get to sneak in some junkin... all the way home! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am beyond thrilled. I truly understand grateful- in a whole new way.

We have my big red truck. We have a hotel that likes dogs! We have each other!

I love the people we are going to see so much they make my heart burst. This is a good trip.

We will have a BBQ. We will have cake and we will remember the time we stopped fretting, stopped clock watching, stopped volleyball practice, and just delighted in each other, the scenery and our loved ones.

Oh yeah- and I will remember what great treasures I rescued all the way home.

Her - not so much. ( insert 13 year old eye roll here!)

That's ok... 10-15 years from now she fondly describe our treasure hunting together.


  1. Have a wonderful time together! I can't wait to hear all about it and see all the treasures you pick up along the way home!

  2. Great idea, sounds so fun. People can choose to buy 'things' or take trips (another way to 'spend time' and/ or money...?. The second always produces a more lasting and valuable experience, right? New things grow old. Memories last a lifetime. Good for you. Take lots of pictures and remember to print some of them (something sweet about the tangible aspect of a photo album!).

    Have a great, great time!


  3. I am so happy for you to go on this trip call me when you get back. I can't wait to see what treasures you will find. I know its been along time since you've had some just "you" time so take it and seize the moment. love you lots. Hopefully next trip you can come and visit me!!!

  4. that last picture was a lot more realistic in the end.. tee hee. I love being a junk queen!



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