Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe you noticed I have been absent?

I took an unplanned trip to Omaha to visit my dad. Last Tuesday I called him and he sounded low and tired... I could hear loneliness in his voice.

I hate loneliness. I believe we are created for relationship and I just could not quit thinking about hopping in my truck and heading for Omaha... then with the help of some understanding friends ( thank you Margrit and Alice ( some help from some other family I was on my way.

This was not well planned or a pleasure trip but it was a deep and important one. Sophie and Crosby and I head out on the highway!
Omaha was well into spring bloom and almost balmy...

The perfect backdrop for a bittersweet trip.

-If you have not read - my dad has been living with a stage 4 diagnosis for 9.5 years.
He only recently began really struggling with issues from the cancer... and very recently been in a lot of pain. -

The possibility of not seeing him again was a real one on my mind every minute of our short little visit.

He is such a tender soul and so generous with others that the majority of our visit was spent visiting other people he feels committed too...

His little boy from the middle school named Cesar- he has mentored him for several years now, His Mother my grandmother who is in a nursing home and a niece who was celebrating a birthday.

My temptation last Tuesday was to look at money, time, volleyball schedules, my shop ( aye aye aye) and decide it was not practical to leave again.

I am so thankful to my husband who just flatly said - you need to go- now. Since He really is more practical than me I leaned in to that and am so glad I did.

The quick get away to M's Pub ( a posh little restaurant in downtown Omaha- where I met my hubby) with Sophie was a highlight. I had the worlds best cappuccino and she had New York style cheesecake and a Shirley temple.

A delicious steak dinner at Piccolo Pete's ( Warren Buffets fave haunt) a true 1950's Steakhouse from Omaha's heyday of Italian Steakhouses... also the employer of most of my cousins- ( my first job too!)

and a sweet Sunday Dinner with family- friends- dogs and babies.

Oh yes -I did get to junk a little on the way home... I will post pics of that later.

The real thing that I was sooo awake to- was you never know when the most important things or more importantly ones will be absent so make time where there is none.

Have a Happy Spring day!


  1. Beautiful pics and a beautiful post Mel! There is absolutely nothing more important than family. I am so glad you went and it looks like you also had a little bit of fun while you were there. *hugs*

  2. Mel~

    I really love you blog and the way you tell your stories. I am so glad to have found this. So much to remember - we all need to make time where there is none.

    Hope your day is perfect!

  3. Sweet post about your daddy has alzheimers, so every visit with him is precious. I'm sure you lifted his spirits. Have a blessed day.

  4. Mel, you know I'm right there with ya on this -- I made it a priority in the last month in particular, to go see my mom.... who just died two weeks ago yesterday. (hardly seems THAT long!).

    And now I will continue to make those same choices -- to get more work done, more cleaning, more ... whatever -- or, now go visit my dad who is so heartbroken.

    You husband was so great to give not only the "nudge" out the door but also the validation that what you were doing was the right thing.

    Keep us all posted on your sweet dad -- we do care!!!!

    Hugs to you!!!




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