Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes you have to say whatever.

This is a totally hot mom on tv... great hair huh? ( Modern Family)
I have all these inspirations for long flowing dark locks... I actually have long dark locks... flowing only when I have extra time .
Mine are more... snarled. Painted. Under a hat... nappy locks.

Do remember the commercial of her eating the burger? Ridiculously hot. When I eat a burger it is not pretty. Neither is my hair. ( Padma Lakshmi)

Never even mind.

Yeah... a little lighter color but big sexy hair...( Eva Mendes)

( Leryn Franco.)

She seemed realistic an athlete with windblown... straight hair... much more approachable...

Except she had the body of an Olympian (she is one) and any hair would work on her...

Alas ~ My hair is long and flowing and black and pretty this morning.

But because of reality-

I work really hard in all types of conditions... and I do not have a wind machine, a trainer, a stylist or bff named Ken Paves.

I am going to cut my three years of "growing my hair out" off.

In an hour. Gulp.

I will post pics of new haircut- If I am not crying...

Have a great Day!

All pics found.


  1. MEL!!! Your hair is GORGE!! BUT! I'm SURE you are going to look
    incredible with it shorter, too!



  2. Yup, pics soon please! I always see your facebook pic and notice how amazing your jaw line is, and that is with short hair. Although I am in the process of growing mine out, I ALWAYS want to cut it off! I am sorta jealous. Can't wait to see, you'll be gorgeous!

  3. would love to see your new look...looks great now!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous...I can't wait to see your new look!

    I am a short hair girl myself and I love it!

    This is my first visit to your blog...wonderful!




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