Monday, May 17, 2010

a snapshot of current events...

Some of you may remember after the earthquake in Haiti... I posted a tribute to my brother who was one of our airmen sent down to airlift equipment in and people out... I am so proud of all my brothers I will post on all of that for sure in the future!

This picture is him taking off at an airshow in Oklahoma. He has such a great time... and is so good at what he does. He serves as a great example of living with passion, integrity and focus. When he was eight he said... I want to be a pilot...voila.

I do not have that kind of laser beam focus... but I am inspired to be more aware of it through his experiences.

( c17 Globe master)

Then just a few short posts back I lamented at the longing for a new squishy baby... and I am pleased to introduce Princess "Izzy B."

She is the daughter of the same brother... his kids are my sunshine but this is all about her today!

She is just so sweet! I cant wait to get my mitts on her!

Then ~finally Spring has sprung here in the Rockies... sheesh.
It snowed as recent as last week...spring has decided to sneak in... and my daughter could not be more excited about it.
She is tired of being cooped up!

( notice the snow still melting?)

Man alive they grow up fast... hug your kiddos and grandkiddos - I am in awe in how fast time goes by and how precious each season is...

Live with intention!


  1. Hi Mel!! I found your blog! And it is wonderful!!! So glad I got a chance to meet you :) It was so fun hanging out with Jeanne and Natasha and meeting all of the talented people behind the Barn {LOVE that place}!!! Thank you again for the lovely gift...your kindness was such a bright spot to my weekend!!! Thanks again and I hope you had a great weekend...

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  2. Awe, how awesome is that, your little brother a C17 Instructor in Okieville!!
    Congratulations to them on their precious bundle of joy!!

    Where in MO, is your hubby from? If there is a place I love more than OK, it's MO, I hope to retire there one day! ;)

    Be Blessed

  3. Hi Mel, I saw your comment on Katie's blog just now about Oklahoma. I had to stop by and tell you what a small world it is. My very close friend and her husband are in Altus, too! Her husband is a boom operator. We sure appreciate our men in uniform who serve our country.

    And your new niece, oh my gosh, what a sweet little doll. Enjoy!




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