Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love my Job!

When I was little I used to draw houses from a birds eye view and design room by room how I wanted them to look... every rug, drape, stick of furniture was planned out... I thought I was weird...

I love the details... The things that make life beautiful... that speak a different language...

I love objects in my home that have a story... like this panel from a little Midwestern church...its has absorbed the prayers of people and sheltered them when they were lost...its kind of Spanish and kind of Swedish like my style
" spandanavian..."

These are just scenes from home... little things the way I see them... the details...

I am always so honored when others invite me in and ask me to help them with their home...I ask a load of questions and determine how do you WANT to live?
This is my objective when I work... to hear my clients vision and help them translate that in their home...
I love my job!

(all photos by my please email before you "use" them...)


  1. beautiful, beautiful find!!!!

  2. I don't think I have posted a comment before - but I do read all the time.
    I wanted to tell you how much all of your encouraging comments mean to me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You truly bless me...

  3. I like the "calmness and soothing" in your decor.

  4. Oh Mel, I love this new piece...what a terrific find! The detail is amazing...so intricate and beautiful. And it goes so well with your existing decor and simply adds additional charm and character to the room. I'm sure it also provides an awesome focal point to the room as well. And what a beautiful story it has...so special! *hugs*

  5. Love the details too...it adds so much character. That panel is amazing and to imagine it's history :) very cool.

  6. So incredibly beautiful & I love pieces that tell a story too! I try to collect a piece from every place that I live to remind me of it. I wish you lived closer to me, I would love for your to come to my home!

  7. I love items that tell a story. It makes your home so interesting.



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