Monday, June 7, 2010

Party Far Far Away- kind of.

A party on a bluff... in a beautiful Hacienda~Faraway...( that's the street name.)

Sweet nephew Cal with a flower delivery.

No one like Dad.

Sisters by Birth and by friendship.

Dear sweet friends.

Just soooo pretty.

Make A wish -Friend...

It Is good to be Queen.

View from Faraway Place.

A cameo by My "Mr.MM" on the right.

Strategic placement... hmmmm.

Since that fateful day in 3rd grade... on the school bus.

The Billups clan

AHHHH mom...

Lisa's Dear friend Jody... ( so pretty...)
As I promised there would be pics... of Lisa's 40th Birthday...
What a really sweet celebration, I love you friend... thanks for sharing your day with me!


  1. So glad you were able to celebrate with your sweet friend!!! Old friendships are the best!!!

  2. looks like you guys enjoyed such a great time! :)



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