Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life is a bowl of Cherries

Yes- its true life can be a bowl of delicious cherries... if you are intentional about it!
A weekend with family friends and good food... is my bowl of cherries.

Tonight's menu...

Now I LOVE spring rolls... I have also never made them... so this is a first for all of us!

preparation is the key to all great cooking. I chopped basil, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots and celery...

Then I dipped the rice wrap in room temp water... in the meantime I boiled the maifun.( cellophane noodles.)

Thawed and rinsed shrimp and set aside.

I placed all the ingredients in TWO rice wraps... ( easier to handle than one.)

(Why- yes that is my Wedgewood Dinner plat in cream/queenshape that i scored for nickles on a recent hunt.)

Another great find!

I found this fantastic kaffir Lime Chili sauce at our local "SPROUTS" store... it is perfection!
Then to wash it all down A fresh squeezed greyhound. Summer fresh. ( I also like to salt the rim... when I have bar keepers salt!)

A perfectly light summer meal and top it all off with a bowl of cherries!
Bon Appetit!


  1. okay, I adore these and had never considered making them! I am so happy that you found me so that I could in turn find you! thanks for the wonderful dinner idea - my boys will love making them!
    have a lovely week,

  2. mmmmm! We saw you and Curt walking last night on our way to church!

  3. You are the queen Mel~these look amazing!! I could never...



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