Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy Open Air Market...Somebody has to do it!

I am a blessed woman- no doubt about it. I live in the quaintest, prettiest town I could imagine.
( Castle Rock, Co.) Weather is Mild-ish... downtown is vibrant and active- lots of conveniences...

Which is why when some local merchants set out to create an exciting NEW open air market - The Towne and Country Market at Third and Perry...I jumped right in!

I called My Uber-talented rockstar friend Jeanne ( and asked her if she would like to join me as one entity for the day.. and as always she said heck no!

Just kidding... she jumped in too... she loves our little town too and was all about it.

So we got to work - Me- junkin and painting and refinishing and her gluing and collaging and sewing and all the brilliance that is Jeanne Oliver ... and we rocked it.

We had 2 fantastic spaces...( thank you Amy - Whitewash - ( )
Lots of local vendors support ( thank you Dream Pastries- for the HOT coffee! )
We were in the Courtyard of Siena ( Great- fantastic restaurant.)
The hot little gals from Bling Boutique even came out and braved the elements.

We had other great talent surrounding us... Lisa Morris of Wild Rose Cottage - Nancy Masters- Great local interior Designer - she owns Sunflower Design... Roxanne from The Rusted Gate .
We had the sweet company of "old William" and Margrit Mackey- of Elsa's Heirlooms... also in The Barn ( she has the finest European linens and the biggest heart. )

Alas ~there are always the trials of open air markets... like the fact that some responsible drinkers left there car in the middle of the parking lot the night before...ooopsies. ( talk about the walk of shame in the a.m.)

All the challenges of being a first time event ... not to mention THE DRIVING RAIN from 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. Yes- in drought stricken, arid Colorado we had non-stop rain all morning.

Jeanne had on flips flops and fingerless gloves. Nice.
I was just a wet- wet woman. Notice no pics of us? Although J looked great even frazzled.

( then my sweet servant hearted husband ran all over town retrieving a change of clothes for me and VERY HOT Frye boots and socks for Miss Oliver.) Not to mention numerous trips to the store and bank and home for U-name-it. Gosh I LOVE HIM.

Isn't this Awesome? cute little linen dress... (available online at

I have to say~ I am in love with this bench I created... I also LOVE the grey needle work one- its rare to see it in this color... so pretty. both available at my shop ...

Magpie~in the Barn.
400 Third Street
Castle Rock Co.

Not to mention the awesome princess bed I found. ( thank you Claire ~ ComingHome )

Yes- fun was had by all... not really. It was hard and wet and the turn out of a new event... which in spite of the rain BRAVE ~BRAVE Castle Rockers... ( Kelly~xo ) came out and showed their undying love for all things vintage.

We discussed it at length and were very proud to help pioneer a new, very promising event in our own backyard...Like Lewis and Clark. ( My hubby said Jerry Lewis and Clark Griswald- whatev.)

We will give it ago again next month and pray for kinder weather... in the meantime I just will relish the support of family-my amazing friendship- the talent I am among - the great community I get to enjoy and the customers who love and appreciate handmade and found/rescued treasures.

What a blessed woman I am!

THANK YOU CURT for all your patience and schlepping for me I love you.


  1. Sounds fun no matter what the weather! (And in case you haven't picked up on it already, I'm the weird one who love cold, rainy weather -- I'd take it over a sunny warm day anyday). :)

    Sure wish I could have shopped your space yesterday!

    Congrats on making it through!!!


  2. I want to kick the guy who bought that table and chairs! I was SO gonna buy them on Tuesday LOL Anyway, mind if I use your photos for the website Market page??? Stay warm : )

  3. great. thanks for sharing! looking forward to keeping on eye on your creations and finds!

  4. Hi Mel,

    Sounds like a fun time. I love the old ironing board, the headboard, and did I see a wire crown? Way cool. You and Jeanne's merchandise compliment each other great. Hope you have a blessed day.

  5. Hi Mel~ I hope you have better weather next month then! It's such a great idea! What a sweetie your hubbie was for running around like that.

    my word verification is rainess. can you believe i got rain?? I can't escape it!

  6. it is all so very beautiful here- lovely images.

  7. I wish I could have made it. Hopefully next time!



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