Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Your kicks... on Route 66!

Nothing like the OPEN road! Just possibility before you and you are the master of your destiny.

sort of.

When traveling I believe it is imperative to have a good co-pilot... some one to help navigate the unknown. Crosby would agree.

When my sweet brother and his amazing family left Denver - they invited Sophie to "hop in" and come stay with them in Altus. So she did...

When figuring out how to get her home I was thinking Flight? or Road trip? As a gypsy junkin'
mom there was only one choice... Road trip. ( That wayI could get my hands on those babies again too.)

So Off to Altus Ok. I went ( location of Altus AFB home to magnificent men and women who serve our country!) ... When I got there everybody appeared normal... hot but normal.

To make the most of the journey I plotted our return trip to intersect with the Historic Route 66- and some amazing shopping... I believe in efficiency!

One place that Sophie or I can NOT quit talking about is NEST.

What a cache of fabulosity! Like the jackpot of ART/Design/ retail and industrial chic...

We fell in love with this place!

2900 sw 6th Ave. Amarillo TX 79106... nestled in the best little antique district right on the Route 66.~ from6th.blogspot

This is Kasey. Kasey Robinson ~ Her and Theo are the proprietors of this haunt featuring local mixed media art, high design interior accents, gifts and handmade- recycled treasures.

Warning- I could not stop finding amazing things to share so there will be lots of pics...

What an adventure. Sophie actually began to "enjoy" junkin and I had her all to myself... for 24 hours...I loved every minute of it!

The drive home through New Mexico inspired me to plan another trip soon...
How beautiful is New Mexico?

How lovely is she? XO.

Needless to say, I gathered a truck full of treasures and have already loaded up my shop with them... I love my job! Thanks for the memory Sophie...I love you.


  1. Love that last photo of Sophie..pretty, pretty girl!

  2. Your shop looks gorgeous! I want the stool! I might talk david into it since it's our anniversary!
    And I wanna go to NEST!! It looks so amazing!

  3. Jeff drove down Route 66 last month and a bedliner flew out of someone's truck and smashed his windshield! Glad to know that doesn't happen everyday around there ; ) Love that pic of Sophie and Crosby!

  4. Great photos! I really dislike a road trip but this makes me want to go just so I can go junkin' : )) Does this mean you will some new stuff at the store?

  5. R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P.
    SOUNDS LIKS A BLAST ... from the past

  6. What a beautiful road trip ..Thansk for sharing these great photos

  7. I think this is officially my favorite post in ages! Your photos are divine, just gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Anne- I am blessed by your comment and wholeheartedly thank you.

  9. WOW! This looks like a fun trip and with a scottie!!!! WOW! Even better! Sophie is a cutie pie!! Our babies LOVE to travel.

    Thanks for sharing your trip and lovely photos with us. You all are a beautiful bunch!


  10. Hello! Thank you sooo much for the absolutely lovely post! Inspiring others is what drives us & you have returned the favor tenfold! Hope you two are able to make it back soon & I cannot wait to drive through and stop at your place- it sounds fabulous!



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