Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby's, Brothers, Bubbles and Kisses

Here she is... The Miss Izzy B. I have anxiously awaited her visit ... and we made the most of it!

She came to make her introductions and we all played like crazy for four days.

Needless to say, her dad is crazy in love with her... she will be well protected and cuddled.

Grandma is gooey for her...

We spent all of our time, blowing bubbles, splashing and kissing. It was fantastic.

I just loved watching DJ and Asher delight in everything. They are amazing to watch.

After Long hot days of splashing Sophie Would help everyone chill out by watching a movie with them... she was the greatest help.

Of Course Uncle Caleb was there to teach cool guy lessons...

The pool was a blast... we all played and laughed. I got to see my sweet friends Lisa and Molly.

DJ got run through the splash pad for HOURS.

Of course no meal would be complete without entertainment by Asher.

After Dinner the guys went on an "adbenture" to hunt for golf balls.

Memories and sweet dreams are made of summer vacations like this.


  1. Love this! The babies/children are all soooo cute!! LOVE the last pic sooo much! (That's how I feel right now!) :)


  2. These images are just incredible! So many precious, candid shots. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. And for sharing your heart on my latest post, too!


  3. Sweetest, sweetest babies! I can tell how much you are loving having a camera again:-)



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