Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mrs. Purvis.

I am a blessed woman. I have said this before but I underline it this time.
I have the most beautiful~ amazing~ talented~ lovely ~confident~ intelligent women in my life.
I am in a sea of talent. I could blog about one everyday of the year and not be done...

Take for instance Mrs. Purvis.

Amanda as us mere mortals call her...

Not only is she gorgeous... but she is a mother, a wife, a social worker ( with troubled young girls!)

She's a pastor/pilots wife ... (if you know a man who is either you know how intense that can be.)
She helps run her and her husbands business... VisionAir LLC... and she is starting a charity involving Angelflights...I will post all about those all by themselves later.

Her and her hubby ( David... who is equally amazing) are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, and on the Denver Foster-to Adopt... list,

In Mrs. Purvis' spare time she creates AMAZING things.~ Like~ lots of them...

That is where it gets really good! (wink.)

She is creating a fall line to be made available exclusively at Magpie, and if your too far to visit Magpie...then her wares will be featured in her ETSY shop. " Mrs. Purvis."

She will have a variety of handmade " objects d'art" of which I fully intend to feature in total in a few weeks...
Amanda is a perfect fit for Magpie creatively, not only is her workmanship fabulous, her use of natural mediums is perfect for me, her palette is neutral and beautiful. Her textures are rich and ideas are unique.
Everything she makes fits in my philosophy... Everything should have a use and is meant to enhance life's mundane rituals... not just tchotchkies for there own sake... no sit abouts... real items made with real heart. I am huge fan of Mrs. Purvis.. and am excited to welcome her to Magpie, and love that our creative paths have crossed each other.

Look for a teaser post with pics of her fresh fall collection.

Did I mention she is a beauty too?

( Amanda~ and her first son Tre.)


  1. She sounds like an amazing woman, I shall go check her out!

    And I'm sorry that I'm not shipping from my booth (crazy busy with work & moving), but the wire baskets may show up in my Etsy come Fall. Thanks for asking!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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