Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean a palooza....

Schools starting and I'm making shop changes and I always do change better with everything clean and starting Friday we entered into clean a palooza.

Who needs clothes lines? I am sure my suburban neighbors love living next to junker woman...
At least I have pretty junk!
( Like the view I have of the front range?)

Homeowners shmoenowners...association... They all smell so fresh after a day in the breeze!

Trash cans dutifully lined up with bleach and all day in the sun... everything will feel so fresh!

Lot's of piles for Sophie to fold... it builds character.

And the grand finale! I finished that horrific chair last night... remember with the eighties southwest fabric? Now I have to finish her twin...
Hubby: Hon~ lets just keep them, they are beautiful...
Me: Really? Ok~if you insist!
I love when he loves my favorite stuff! It means gulit free shopping from my own shop!

I covered the back in a buff raw silk and the rest in a heavy Belgian linen... yumm!

Now time for a glass of wine and family over for dinner...
I love hard work!
I might even make Tracy from French Larkspurs amazing salad dressing...
Happy Summer night ya'll!


  1. there is nothing that feels better than the one you get after a clean a palooza!

  2. I use ye ole' porch railing daily for a clothes line ...
    gotta love it

  3. Oh, you are so inspiring! ;) I really need to do a major clean. I used to be so good about it.
    I LOVE the chair re-do! Fabulous!!

  4. I LOVE the chair! Will it be at The Barn if you decide to sell it? I will be looking ;)

  5. Oh my here never looked so beautiful!

  6. That chair makeover is really something, WOW!

    Clean clothes.....what are those? ;-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!



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