Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tree hugger


I have been so busy getting ready for my big change I have not shared it with you.
Magpie ... is expanding and moving. Yes...I am branching out in to double the sq. footage and I am excited! Same lovely old Barn just new location within and TWICE as big.
I have been busy creating ordering, buying paint and sanders and relics that I have not been too bloggy.
But between you and me... That is my first love. I could post every day twice a day... so Shhhh. We will keep that between us. I have to judiciously decide to sit down and blog or else I would never stop...

I have NEW photos to post BUT as I was going through this summers adventures I found some I had to share... they both made me laugh out loud...

What is so clear to me... is that our personality is with us from the get go... there are some traits you can't learn... and humor is numero uno.

You are either funny or your not.

So how funny could eating a Walmart push up pop be on a 105 degree day?

Then There is my sweet daughter... who contrary to most her peers is not a worshipper of Mother earth. Yes she is grateful and respects it's resources and fragile balance but she ( especially living in Colorado is freaked out a little by the cult of tree huggers all around her.)
So as she climbed this tree for a photo op I couldn't resist telling her she was officially a tree hugger and I could prove it... Luckily she has a sense of humor.

Ok~ just a little break from the mountain of work ahead of me... I will be back with lots of fun photos and beautiful new things to share... enjoy the funniness of summer!

p.s. If anyone knows the trick to enlarging photos in this template I would love to hear it!I am working on a whole new design but it will be while before we get there! In the meantime...I am stymied...if you know where/ how to enlarge the photo fileds I am all ears.


  1. I don't understand the whole over the top worship of the earth either. Love the last photo of S laughing!!!

  2. Hee hee hee don't ya just love him

  3. beautiful children ...just beautiful

    congrats on your expansion ... wish I was your neighbor



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