Friday, November 19, 2010

Fruits of our labor.

I have been on a Home Detox. Three moves in three years and going form 6,000 sf to 1,100 sf
wreaks havoc on your organizational mojo.

SO I dedicated a 3 full days to pitching, throwing, donating and today I am going to rest.

A view of my desktop... I have not seen that in months.

All the activity has tuckered out my friends.
More pics tomorrow!


  1. Enjoy your rest day..I know how good cleaning out feels!!!

  2. SUCH an inspiration, Mel!!! We're redoing our flooring soon and when we do, I'm going to try and make that the catalyst for our own detox!! :)

    Have a great weekend, pretty lady!! :)


  3. You and I house is full of people (8).
    Not to mention it seems to be the happening place for all of kids' friends. Doesn't it feel nice when things are in order and stuff that we don't need is out of the way?

    Good for you....enjoy your new space.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Doesn't it feel great to purge!? I did that back in July when we listed our house on the market! Although, I must admit....I miss my "stuff" sometimes : )

  5. Ugh, stuff! I'm drowning in it right now and feelin' the major urge to purge! It's a good thing I've got a shop to sell stuff in, LOL! It seems like the wrong time of year to clean out, but maybe it's the need to holiday nest has got me going?

  6. you have so completely inspired me this week and I'm so glad you did! I got a ton done! :)



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