Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some days are just like that! LET IT GO.

(Taken near my moms at Red Rocks Country Club. Poor dude.)

I'm AWARE of my very hit and miss blogging. I miss you all so much.

However, first things must remain first and it is the busiest season after all!

Now, the topic that has been front and center for me EVEN during this busy season is...


simplify. streamline. let go.purge.


NOW~ as a collector and purveyor of "fine found objects" this is counter intuitive...

BUT oh so necessary.

It is also the underlying philosophy of my craft... I really find beauty in every day~ functional ~useful items...hence my tag line "utility chic."

I really shy away from " sit abouts" that are just pretty. Oh, I'm drawn to the allure of charming "tchotchkes" but I just can't bring myself to fill my home or even my shop with too many items that don't also add function.

I firmly believe that clutter, excess~ creates a drag on our well being.

Quite literally static in our thinking.

In the health industry right now everyone is aware of the benefits of "cleansing". Our digestive system can more effectively bank and store nutrients when it is not drug down by "sludge." Then it is free to FUNCTION with vitality. Same MUST be true of our soul.

Well truths are truths... and I believe this is true emotionally and creatively. When you get bogged down by your things, clothes, shoes, belongings, goals ...even good are not clear to enjoy, create , think.

Ironically, the more you have... things, success, goals, the more time you have to take care of maintaining your deteriorating goods... or incomplete relationships...and the slavery begins.

On a post in the not too distant future I will detail my journey of this realization... suffice to say I'm a former possessor of MUCH.

But today, I am very literally LETTING GO. It is a nesting day... I am starting practically with drawers, closets, nooks and crannies. If it is not immediately useful it is GONE. ( Unless it is REALLY REALLY beautiful. wink.)


There is freedom in trusting that I will have what I need when I need it. And if I don't ,I will have the grace to accept that too.

What I will have is the emotional resources to commit my fullness to my loved ones,to create unhindered, to have my words and actions line up...and to have peace while I'm coming and going. I will not be guilty of over- promising and under- delivering...and that will be my success!

Next post... pics of the new home style I'm calling " monastic chic." hee.hee.


  1. I LOVE this post!! Hon, we are TOTALLY on the same wavelength. Oddly enough, it's my hubby who is going to go through the worst of the "labor pains" as I birth this new era of "less is more". Weird! He is more of a hoarder than I anymore! HAHA! Where was this side of him years ago when I was buying all this stuff?? "Why did you buy that?? Don't we already have something just like that somewhere around here?" Haha!! :)

    Thanks for this fabulous, inspiring post!!!


  2. oh Melanie~ why oh why can I not get started right now on my own home. Usually this time of year finds me tidying and cleansing everything in preparation for the holidays. The weather is grey and stormy and I've had a cold~ all of which do not inspire me to get to work. Hopefully this post will nip my laziness in the bud! I can't wait to see your final results!

  3. Great post, and so true. I can so relate to everything you wrote and was wandering around my apartment this evening in a migraine haze putting things in either the "go to shop" or "go to goodwill" pile!! I don't know why I am feeling the need to declutter at this time of year. But I think I'm living in chaos because I lost my storage so I had to move some tubs into my place...they are stacked and I have piles and they are eating up my creative mojo and I feel like that show Hoarders might call me up any get the picture. ;-)



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