Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nebraska the Good Life.

I know I am so infrequent... I miss you guys!
I went "home" to visit my dad, and grandma, and (step) daughter and her kids... I went home mostly to spend my time with my dad.
He has been dealing with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis for 10 years... and is an inspiration.
He has learned every aspect of nutrition, healthy living, being intentional in every area of that it matters... he is a picture of strength and dignity.

His wife, Susan, is a perfect example of helpmate, friend and partnership. Not only is she a mother, she runs her own very formidable law firm, serve on countless committees for causes she believes in ...she also is an author, takes care of my father and is a brilliant hostess! sheesh...I'm tired now.

I can not remember a table that was not fully turned out at her house... usually after an important hearing or speaking engagement... talk about bringing home the bacon AND frying it up in he pan!

It was awesome to be be there and watch the intentionality with which they both approach things... very important lesson... they really try not to ever spread themselves too thin ...which is easy to do!

One of the values they share, and have impressed me with is to celebrate every aspect of your life! Your waking, your working, eating, resting, even your dying... yes... a beautiful example to follow!

We loved being back in " The GOOD Life..." YES! I LOVE COLORADO!!! but there is so much about the Midwest to celebrate! The simplicity, and beauty in rural living...
The very strongly held convictions by all. The full intensity of the seasons. The traditions and consistency of a strongly grounded community.

I fell in love with this guy... what a honey!

On the road to my fathers farm I was struck with the faith it requires to push ahead only seeing a little ahead before the bend in the road, the reality and severity of each season, the truth that sometimes we most trust that our comfort will come... but our job is to proceed... and be open for it.

It was cold, damp and chilly. Yet, there was burgeoning of what was coming... there was an expectancy of the warmth~ of rebirth~ of Spring...
Yes, I was blessed with the revelation that there is beauty in every season and celebrating it is our not only our privilege but our responsibilty.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love this, my turn bawl at a blog post. I love you dearly sister

  2. what a beautiful post mel.
    your dad sounds like an awesome man!!!! how our generation of kids needs to have men like this in their life.
    speaking of kids, is that your daughter? she's gorgeous!

    love the images of the barn & the horsies.

    sending warm thoughts & well wishes to your dad

  3. Ah, what a blessing to have such a great dad to still be sharing time with. I love the picture of the pathway. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your loved ones.

    Have a sweet day.

  4. Mel,
    Thank you for this beautiful post! It is a tribute to your family and a reminder to all, of how very fragile life is.



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