Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring refreshing... sigh.

I love Spring. I love the light, the air the smell... I love cleaning everything in sight and creating order!

Just sweet, light, clean spaces.

New Slip covers ( Chairs are brown Velvet damask.) Nice and fresh.

I love this!

As promised... Spring haircut pics. I cant look straight at the camera with my husband behind it... I either look cross or cross eyed. Go figure.

Not quite super sexy- but I might look cuter eating a burger... ( see yesterdays post.) who cares any way all is fresher and lighter.

Happy Spring.

Also~ Never Forget. Today is the anniversary of Columbine. Praising God for His Hand on so many and praying for the families who lost. Thanking God for my baby brother and your protection of him.


  1. Like the new hair-do....and love the color of your dining room. The cross eyed thing with your husband....I guess he still has you under his spell:) Have a blessed day.

  2. Love it, it looks gorgeous! Love the slip covers too!

  3. Thanks... So much. Amanda, thanks for your mad sewing skills!Lets do more!

  4. I love spring too and all it has to offer with new life & budding flowers!
    I too have been growing out my hair for 5 years now. I got really quite ill in the fall and now my hair is falling out in the masses, I'm going at 2 today to have it chopped and colored back to my natural color ;) I'm planning on posting it this evening!
    I just love your new do, you look so Fresh!

  5. Beautiful home...great decor.
    Fabulous hair!

  6. Mel, I absolutely love your new cut. You look stunning!! And your house looks so beautiful and springtime fresh....love it!! xo

  7. Looking good!! Call me!!! Did you fall off the earth or something? I miss you!!



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