Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks Donatella!

This is a reply to being invited to the "Post your 6th ever photo" game. I just love that You thought of me dear sister!

I called this post "comfort"... it was really snowy and cold out and my heart was heavy and this just soothed my soul.

My dear friend Margrit- from Germany- imports these fabulous antique shams... the quality is insane... she has lots of them!

Elsa's Heirloom's

So now I am supposed to invite 10 friends to do the same huh?

1.Amanda from Purvis Tribe
2. Jeanne from Bushel and a Peck
3. Ruth from Beautiful Life
4. Destiny from the Ruffled Nest
5. Anne Marie from Na Da Farm Life
6. Joy from Savvy City Farmer
7. Lissa from Humble Pie
8. Shellagh from Ticking and Toile
9. Jetta from Rediscovering Jetta
10. Elisa form the Sweet Life

Ok Girls... find your 6th ever photo you posted and post - then invite...

Have a great Spring Day!

( pic found)


  1. HI! You're comment on my "golf" post made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks so much!!! I might start a new "Favorite comment of the week" thing - can I use it?

  2. so you post the 6th picture you posted? Now I'm curious. I'm going back to see what mine was.



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