Friday, April 23, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

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I woke up today to a ton of snow!!!!

What? It is April 23rd. I guess if I get to wear shorts in January I have to expect to wear Uggs in April. Colorado.

Another Question- Do blonde's really have more fun?

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My friend Ruth

and I have been pondering... What is it that we like about sparkly sexy blond hair or demure shiny dark hair...

I'm curious- weigh in!

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Can the Nuggets beat Utah Tonight...

A little more weightier question or point to ponder...

Now -My new friend Angela from

will probably appreciate this... it is a tad juicier...

I was commenting on my liking Denver Bronco's picking Tim Tebow in the draft... ( I know... email me your thoughts) and a friend- who I love- commented on her displeasure with him... we chatted a bit more and she said... something about him keeping his opinions to himself... Fair enough.

I respect her thoughts about this... but I was so struck by the fact that most of my friends who share this sentiment are also the ones who share their opinion on EVERYTHING via face book-twitter- I phone- Blackberry whatever.

So... more than the obvious polarization that religious beliefs and the free sharing of them brings ( nothing new under the sun...)

I am still curious how most in our society value and accept spending a great deal of time broadcasting their opinions on traffic, their work life, many times on political happenings other more sacred views... and have no "tolerance" for a young man expressing his views vigorously in a dignified manner.

I realize for some there is a line...and I respect that, but to me...As our society ushers in minute to minute- real time- free flowing transparency of thoughts and experiences I see little or no difference sharing all with all if it matters to you.

I am not poking fun at anyone who shares via those networks... I love them. I am just struck at the difference in perspective.


  1. OK - Told you I would be back...I found a little time and am lovin' what you have to say...
    I "don't Facebook" and I have a saying..."shoot me if I ever Twitter!"... but I do blog because I consider it more of an exercise in writing and opposed to "right now I am going to the bathroom"

    It is strange that the only views that people think should be kept to "ones self" are those concerning a or rather THE one true God and the issue of life... as far as the media is concerned I really don't recall the last time anyone said ones sexual preference or sex-ploits should be kept to "ones self" ...

    It is amazing to me that we even use this expression "should be kept to ones self" in this culture of blabbing every twitch we make. I mean, if we are gonna be that kind of culture than there are some things we need to let go of ...

  2. Well Ang... It looks like others don't like to touch issues ... No Comments- in 3 days... never had that before, hmmmm another thing that makes me go hmmmmm. I love your spirit.

  3. Oh there is no doubt about it -- the only real acceptable prejudice anymore, the only thing left that is NOT on the "tolerance list" is that of being any form of so-called "right wing conservative evangelical Christian" -- whatever THAT means.

    Worse still if you claim to be of any of the aforementioned persuasion and dane to weigh in on anything.... SURELY your views will then be far too clouded by your "right wing conservative evangelical Christian" nuttiness and thereby will be ruled as nullified and void of any relevance among the "thinking" crowd.

    (And don't you love how you're only viewed as "thinking" if you're of their persuasion. My favorite term ever? "Thinking" Christian. Wow. Who determines THAT?

    Okay -- rant over. :)

    Oh, and Mel -- regarding the hair issue we've been bantering back and forth about... well... I think my fascination with the shiny baby blonde locks comes from 1.) the fact that I wasn't born with it, so naturally I'm going to be drawn to it. :) and 2.) most Barbie dolls and many Disney cartoons featured the heroines with that ethereal "yellow" hair. :) But I do love my darker hair now that I brought it back into being and it does look a bit more "exotic" as some have said, so that's cool. :) Plus, the whole time I was blonde, it never really was the shade I dreamed of -- always too brassy. Now that I'm back to what God gave in the first place, I see He was right all along. Funny how that works, huh? ;)

    Great post!!!


  4. I just saw Ruth too...Love you "thinking" girls....



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