Friday, May 21, 2010

Can you hold a heart without hands?

Be sure you view the video- life changing.
Sometimes life gets really challenging. I live fully invested so I can get really wrapped up circumstances... I NEED messages to ground me and act like a rudder... I first heard this young man almost 3 years ago as I lost my home- business- my church split- I moved to another state and was scared and mad... talk about getting over yourSEF quickly... he shot right through the clouds like a ray of light... his life has held so much purpose its amazing. Our ideas are so small we need to shift our focus.
I want to be a person who is trustworthy to hold the hearts of those I love... un-shifting in spite of circumstances.

Happy Weekend. Live on purpose.


  1. Great post. I found myself in a deep wilderness a while daughter would become a mother. The father....let's just say he committed a crime with a minor. A crime we are still pursuing. I needed this video back then. I saw the look on the faces of the young girls and my heart broke for them. They are beautiful from the inside and I wish they all really knew this. He does such a great job reaching them. Through it all, I realized one thing God was there holding me in the palm of his hand. I had my girls watch made me cry. Life is Sweet, no matter what you go through. Someone out there has it much harder and we need to be reminded. Have a blessed day.

  2. Life definitely can be a challenge at times, what a beautiful heart!

    I had to change my blog name, for it was discovered. It's still Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness, but found at




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