Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A.D.D. creative block.

This picture of my Sophie sums up my situation. I am stuck. Yup- rare but true... I can't Focus my creative lens on anyone-thing. I have a million concepts good intentions, supplies... and I am bewildered.

My idea board is empty. Not for lack of ideas but a lack of even being bold enough to post them because then there they will be nagging me...

Like this basket of shakers... I have a great idea for them. But I am not going to say it yet.

Look at my tower of supplies... full but not being used...I think we have a jumper!

I will return to the chaos after this brief lilac break....

( insert elevator muzak here.)

Here appears to be some order... signs of neglect really... I am working on one project that is AWESOME... a chair... that I want to marry.
Yes it is blocking all my other creative flow. like a new love would.

What the heck?

Just had to add this... I find these on my camera daily! Totally awesome.


Here is my current love ... that my husband and I pulled 1000,00 nail heads out of each. ( I have two of them!)

Look at my paint treatment... it was honey blond oak a la 1989.

The former upholstery... southwest pink and teal- yummy! You can scroll back up and see the raw silk I am replacing it with - DIVINE.
You see I feel like I am SUPPOSED to be creating dozens of things and I am preoccupied with the chair.
I would love some suggestions for breaking creative block...
Alas I am thankful for the fact that my job is creating - this is my credo.... NO WHINING.

Have A great Creative day!


  1. Great post Mel...LOVE the chair and how you are transforming it...exquisite!! I cannot wait to see it in person...♥

  2. THAT CHAIR IS MARVELOUS...you know you don't need two!!!!

  3. Oh you're funny!
    Loving that chair! I have no advice though, I have so many ideas and started projects, when I get one done I feel like I have conquered the world.
    I don't envy you pulling all those nail head out- eesh.

  4. that chair is a big project!! one thing at a time!

  5. that chair is divine, just love it.

    as the saying goes, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time!

  6. no whining indeed! Enjoy your love affair with your chair. oh and my sister does that with my camera all. the. time.



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