Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blast from the past- to infinity and beyond.

<1984- 7th grade.

Nice mullets huh?

So hot. This is my best girlfriend - and I- from THIRD grade.


Today is her 40th birthday. ( Yes Lisa, I just did.) I am invited to her birthday party. I remember the first one I went to of hers...It was a pizza party at "The Organ Grinder."

( 1979 or 1980?... then we had a slumber party - there were other birthdays of hers I choose to forget... probably like the 7th grade one that went with the hot mullets featured above!)

In any event we are having a party at her moms house just like the good ol' days...
her mom's is a beautiful hacienda on a bluff... with a charming address... Seriously a street named "Faraway Place."

I will take pics and write about our summer garden party ... Happy Birthday Lisa... I love you.


  1. Those awesome! I have some that you will never see:-)

  2. It is so nice to have old friends to go through life with.

  3. Those are two cute, Happy Day to your gf!

    I want to live on a street named faraway place ;)



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