Monday, July 12, 2010

Town and Country Market~ Castle Rock

< What A beautiful morning!!! It was just a perfect summer morning. Sunny and mild and I was relieved because last month we did this in the rain.

My sweet friend Jeanne was there first and unloaded her treasures just in time... then my saintly husband lumped in all my vintage goods and Jeanne and I went to work. Fluffing and staging... (one of the most fun parts of setting a booth.)
Admittedly- when we were done- it took my breath away. Between her creations and my wares we are better than ever together... we really have been so busy and had little time to plan - so we just trust each others gifts and our confidence in each other shows as we bring it all was really beautiful.

This was just the second market at this venue and as the saying goes " build it and they will come..." There were chic gals, cute kids, curious passer by's ... It was a buzz with interest and really so charming.

Neighboring merchants came and showed their support- Like Crystal... from Stash... a charming fiber/ knitting store around the corner on 3rd and Jerry... her shop is Darling.

The view from our booth was this cute chapel... look at that sunny sky!

Of course we did our share of shopping too... Jeanne- rummaging in our neighbors booth!
( Wild Rose Cottage~ Coming Home~ and Whitewash~ all three located in The Barn.)

Of course if you are familiar with Colorado the weather is very fickle... to our satisfaction it waited till pack up time to have the typical afternoon shower to roll in...


  1. Love the before and after shots of the sky above the chapel - very cool! Nice photos : )

  2. Looks magical! I so wish I could have seen your fabulous booth!!

    You guys are quite the power team!! :)


  3. I second your first comment - that is JUST what I was going to say!
    Come by if you have not entered the giveaway yet!
    Sounds like you had fun!

  4. Wish both of you much success. Have a blessed day.

  5. B.E.A. utiful if you ask me! You both are wonderfully delicious!

  6. Looking at these makes me want to drink a marg:-) Good day!! I love all the shots you got of people shopping.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed such a lovely day and that you work so well together.

  8. It was a great market, beautiful day, and you two had a wonderful booth. Stop by and see the lamp I made with the basket any time!

  9. Beautiful pics Mel; and your booth looked charming and original! xo



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