Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What comes around goes around...

Twelve years ago... I started making jewelry and selling it in local Omaha Boutiques...
I enjoyed a following of collectors of my wearable one fo a kind art.
That season came to an end 4 years ago when I moved to Colorado.

The new season, opened up my creative view...and I dove into furniture restoration, upcycling vintage and found items... rescuing anything old and useful... I enjoy my retail space and interior design opportunities~ I live a creative dream!

So now it is a new year, new season, and the jewelry has crept back into my repetoire of creative living... I have to admit I love EVRY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!

They are all one of a kind, and a perfect mix of old, and tarnished alongside the beautiful twinkle of vintage rhinestone.

These and more will be available 2.18.11 at Magpie in the Barn... come down if your local and see!

Remember to do something you love everyday!


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